Puzzles of nikoli.com

Sample problems

If you become a member, you have access to puzzles from the previous month (starting from the 11th of each month). We will make newly released puzzles available for 180 days, so if you are a member for 5 months, you will have 800 original problems to do anytime.


Norinori Place two-square black blocks, smoothly, rhythmically. You'll enjoy it.


Satogaeri "Satogaeri" means "returning to the home country." Move the circles to their home countries.


Shakashaka In Shakashaka you place black triangles in the white squares (not more than one in each!) of the grid. The remaining white parts of the grid must form rectangles or squares. Enjoy the fun of solving a Shakashaka.

Ripple Effect

Ripple effect Ripple Effect is an original Nikoli puzzle. The job is to fill in numbers in blank cells by the rules. Keep checking what may go and filling in, cell by cell.


Slitherlink Getting the loop right is absorbing and addictive. Watch out not to get lost in Slitherlink. It's amazing to see how endless patterns can be made using only four numbers (0, 1, 2 and 3).


Nurikabe Nurikabe stands for "painting walls." The black cells form walls to separate white areas. Watching the walls stretch and link the black cells gives a very real sense of achievement.


Heyawake Heyawake is another Nikoli original puzzle. "Heya" means "room," "wake" means "divide," so here you divide the board into rooms.

Akari (Light Up)

Akari Akari was developed by Nikoli in 2001. This puzzle has very simple rules, but they lead to a complex logical world.


Hitori Erase extra numbers to leave only one of each in a row or column. This is a cool puzzle, don't lose yourself in it!


Masyu Make a single loop with lines passing through the centers of cells, horizontally or vertically. The loop never crosses itself, branches off, or goes through the same cell twice.

Shikaku (Divide by Box)

Shikaku Shikaku is another original Nikoli puzzle, which provides a special sense of solving while complying with a very simple rule. Shikaku is also a great math trainer for kids. While playing the game they learn multiplication such as a 12 can be 1x12, 2x6 or 3x4. And if you get stuck, look at the puzzle from a distance and you will soon find the next rectangle.


Hashiwokakero In Hashiwokakero you are the king of the islands, and your job is to connect the islands according to their populations - small islands need only one bridge (it says 1 in the island), and larger islands need more bridges (the number in the island). Then remember that this is all one kingdom, yours, so you must make it possible for all the citizens to travel between all the islands.


Numberlink Numberlink is a puzzle where you connect pairs of numbers with a continuous line. This puzzle requires inspired guessing and puzzling sense. Don't worry about mistakes. Draw the lines like you think they fit. That's how to make it enjoyable!


Yajilin Yajilin is an original Nikoli puzzle. The job is to draw lines and to fill in cells by the rules. Check the numbers and lines carefully, up-down and across. This is how to solve Yajilin puzzles.


Kakuro As a beginner you need to add and subtract, but when you get used to Kakuro you will learn to rely more on logic and less on calculations. You'll be amazed at how fast you improve. And the interesting thing about this puzzle is that beginners and experts are able to enjoy the same puzzles.


Sudoku Sudoku is a simple and friendly puzzle. Its 9x9 world has its own deep acute logic. There is pure enjoyment when, after thinking hard, you can place a number.