Getting around Safari1.x and Flash Player9 problems

Information for users of 10.3.x versions of Mac OS X (Panther).

If you use Safari1.x with Flash Player9, you will be unable to register the solved puzzle history at the members page of You will also be unable to save the unfinished solutions of puzzles. After you click the "Post" or "Save" button, a "Please wait..." window appears, and then nothing further happens.

Environments affected by this problem

The Safari1.x and Flash Player9 combination causes this problem!

If you update your system from Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) you will run into this problem nearly all the time.

Mac OS X 10.3.x users can only use versions 1.x of Safari. If you update Mac OS X 10.3x, "Security Update 2007-003" will be installed, and "Security Update 2007-003" changes the versions of your Flash Player from 8 to 9. Even if you have had no trouble until now, after the system update you will probably experience this kind of trouble.

>>> Safari and WebKit Version Information

>>> About the security content of Security Update 2007-003

Getting around the problem

Use another browser! recommends to use Firefox. Please download Firefox for Mac OS X at the link here. Then please install it.

>>> Download Mozilla Firefox

Updating Mac OS X to Tiger

You should not experience major problems with Mac OS X 10.4x(Tiger), here you can use Safari 2.x. The trouble happens only under Safari 1.x.

However, the update costs money and you may experience problems with other software when updating OS X. Please think about that before you decide to update your OS X.

Change the versions of Flash Player from 9 to 8

Note! Adobe systems, the vender of Flash Player, has announced that Flash Player 8 has security problems. You should be aware of this before you make this change.

Then also, future system updates of Mac OS X may change the Flash Player version from 8 to 9.

Procedure for changing to Flash Player 8